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Event memories

Are you planning a celebration?

A meeting of minds, a connecting of hearts, a coming together of like-minded souls.

A conference, a summit, a get-together, a seminar, a retreat, a wedding.

The creation of a community, whether for a few hours, a day, or a week.

Something unique. Because when a group of people connect, magic happens. Shared experiences, open hearts.

Alive cuties

If you are, then I bet you’re putting a lot of thought into the details. In fact, “a lot of thought” might be an understatement. You’re taking time and investing attention and money to make the occasion a truly special one. The venue, the food, the drink… and the way you treat your speakers and attendees.

You’re hoping that your event will be remembered for more than the time it lasts. You want to transfer the energy, impressions and emotions that bubble up during your shared time together into the daily lives of the people who attend – not leave it to vanish as soon as they walk out the door.

So what can you give your speakers, organizers and attendees to mark the occasion, to express your gratitude for their contribution, and to treasure for a lifetime afterwards?

If you’re struggling to find a heartfelt gift to say thank-you to your speakers, attendees and sponsors, then I’d be honoured to to share these heartfelt, handmade gifts with you.

I believe in being grateful. I believe that time is precious, and that the way that we add value to our lives is by appreciating and celebrating these moments that we create together.

I searched for a long time for a way of connecting emotions and feelings with tangible reminders – objects you can hold in your hand, slip into your bag, place on your desk – to remind you of the things you value most in all the world.

And that’s why I decided to use my talent for handmade ceramic art, and my passion for gratitude, to create these heartfelt reminders.

My story

I attended a conference this year which changed my life. Alive in Berlin, 2014.

Alive Hearts

I was honored to be a guest speaker and I shared my perspective on time and on making the most of our precious moments alongside speakers like Pam Slim and Chris Guillebeau. People I’d admired, and never thought I would have the chance to meet, let alone stand on a stage with.

I shared with the audience my success boards I create to celebrate the years that pass and the amazing things I can achieve, with dreaming and hard work. I opened up about the hard times and the good, and urged them to make the most of their own time. To take the feeling of inspiration and gratitude the conference had inspired in them, and take it home, to their day to day lives.

To show my gratitude to the people who helped make those moments truly magical, I created eight speaker gifts and 124 small gifts for the attendees. Mirrors of all these amazing, creative, inspiring individuals…

Attendee gift

In everything I do, I believe in adding value, and practicing gratitude. And when I saw the impact that these gifts had, I realized that I had stumbled on a way to help you do exactly the same.

I can help you make your event as life-changing as Alive in Berlin was for me, by creating these one-of-a-kind, unique, authentically heartfelt memories. Something unique to the event you’re planning, and crafted with your audience and your focus in mind. To show your gratitude to the people who take part – and to leave them with a lasting reminder of the work you’ve done together.

The gifts

For Alive in Berlin, hearts felt right. Feeling alive, connecting with others, loving our time together: as a speaker, I knew what the event was all about.

For you, it might be something different. A bird. A book. A globe. A symbol that will be meaningful to the community you’re creating, that will help your attendees feel seen, heard, special.

These aren’t your average goody-bag tokens. Maybe you’ve looked at the novelty gifts, the paper and plastic favors, and known deep down that this wasn’t for you. If you want something that’ll make people smile, and later throw away, then you’ll be able to find something funnier and cheaper elsewhere.

This is for you if you’re searching for something unique, made with care and attention, to serve as a lasting memory. It’s art. And love. And gratitude. All in one piece, for you to hold in your hand.

Speaker gift close up

These pieces are:

  • Swiss quality, and made by me with love.
  • Unique: Hand made ceramic Raku-ware (here with an iridescent glaze) or stone ware.
  • Warm to the touch, shiny to look at, and completely individual.
  • Triggers: recalling the time you spent together, and subtly reminding attendees to come along next time.
  • Durable + long-lasting (like forever, if you don’t drop them)


Heart out of Alive hearts

JanaSchuberthJana Schuberth / Host and creator of Alive in Berlin:

Lea made some wonderful ceramic hearts with the letters “ALIVE” embossed not only as a souvenir for all keynote speakers but also in a smaller version for all attendees of the conference. With the shape and design she encapsulated the message and sentiment of the conference perfectly and it allowed everybody to take a piece of the amazing experience back home with them as a reminder. Many have those on their desks or book shelfs and just like I do, think: “Wow, we had such a wonderful time!” It’s a gorgeous, unique gift to each participant and me as the event host and made it even more special. Thank you!

DrCarolynEddlestonDr. Carolyn Eddleston / Keynote speaker:

Receiving my little alive heart was the perfect parting gesture to remind me and re-connect me to the open, living, creative, passionate energy that Alive in Berlin brought to me. Something tangible to hold on a more challenging day that instantly grounds and reminds me that all is ok. A very precious gift from the heart made with love. Thank you Lea.


DaveUrsilloDave Ursillo / Guest speaker:

Lea’s ceramic ALIVE hearts were not only a fantastic gesture that show her generosity and kindness, they were also the perfect memento to help us attendees remember what we experienced at ALIVE in Berlin. My ceramic heart reminds me that I am still carrying what I learned and felt at ALIVE in Berlin, and always will no matter where the journey takes me.

MichalSzafranskiMichal Szafranksi / Workshop leader:

Lea’s ALIVE heart is sitting on my desk. I smile when I look at it. You can say it’s just a piece of ceramic. For my it is the reminder of very important question: how are you going to live your next two months of life it you knew those are the last two months of your life. Sometimes I get lost in my work and let other people agendas mess my priorities. This little heart helps me get back on the track. Thanks Lea!

SannieBurenSannie Buren / Attendee:

I loved getting the little heart to always remind me of the wonderful days in Berlin. In fact – I was so lucky that I got two of them! They now reside on my desk and when I look at them I am reminded of your eager and inspiring approach to life and of the good decisions that I made during or just after Alive in Berlin. Later they will move to a former cookie-jar, where I keep all sorts of small mementoes, that helps me remember the good stories of my life.

KrzysztofSzymanskiKrzysztof Szymanski / Attendee:

I had a real pleasure meeting Lea (and Harry) in Berlin during the Alive Conference. She is a super bright and genuine person. I love the heart I got from Lea. It was an amazing gift that added extra value to the whole event. I am sure it is not only my opinion and I recommend it to anyone. Small things matter and this may be the detail which will make a difference.


LinaSandenLina Sanden / Attendee:

I LOVE your heart and truthfully, I have it in my purse.
Yes, in truth that wasn’t planned BUT I’ve found a special magic in those moments I rummage through my purse and my hand scoops up the Alive heart. It reminds me of what I want to do and need to be doing. Of the dreams I have. That I don’t want to forget about and that’s actually why I’ve kept the heart in my purse. It’s with me, all the time. Maybe, when fall and winter rolls around, I’ll give it a permanent spot in my apartment. But as life is right now, I’m moving all the time (right now I’m in Croatia). And I like to keep the heart with me.
Some days I forget about it. Then, I suddenly just “happen” to touch it. And it reminds me. Of what’s truly important.

AnneSophieReinhardtAnne-Sophie Reinhardt / Jana’s right hand-woman

Lea’s heart was a sacred gift and a wonderful addition to the Alive experience. It doesn’t just serve as a great reminder of the event and the message and feeling of it, but is also a beautiful piece of art that I treasure. Looking at the heart takes me back to that magical weekend with all the smiling faces and the energy of transformation, authenticity and vulnerability that was in the air. I keep my heart close to me all the time; carry it with me when I have a challenging day or when I just need some extra inspiration and a positive vibe.

Thanks, Lea for your creativity and imagination and for creating a reminder of what truly matters: your heart and actually being, feeling and acting ALIVE.


Prices are negotiable and will depend on quantity, size, detailing, time and effort. These gifts are totally unique! BUT – I know how frustrating it is when no rough prices are indicated. You want to know if this is something you can say yes too! So to help you out, here are some estimations:

Thumb-sized gifts for attendees: about 5 CHF each (4  / 5,5 $ )

Fist-sized gifts for speakers: about 25 CHF each (21 / 27 $ )

Speaker gifts

Order your gifts

If you’re interested in finding out more about the gifts I could create for your event, drop me a note hello [at] LEAsHeartART [dot] com  with this information:

– Website for your event, or if it’s still under construction, the name & purpose of the event

– Date & place – what’s your venue? What’s the feeling you’re creating?

– How many event memories you have in mind, and who they’re for (speakers/attendees/sponsors/crew/yourself/… more than one is wonderful!)

I’ll get back to you and let you know what the cost will be and how long it will take – and you can decide whether this is right for you.

LEAs Heart ART


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