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*Coming Up* My Birthday – Saturday!


Wow – it has been a long pause here on my blog. My life is filled with excitement, challenges and rapid growth… or in other words I quitted my job and founded my engineering business :) – YAY! Transitioning from an employee to your own boss is quite a change, isn’t it? There are so many insights, thoughts, struggles, magic moments and successes I could tell you… but not now ^^ because there is a something different happening soon…

Birthday Birthday –  I turn 27 on 7.2

YAY! It’s my birthday week (and my birthday month hihi). Some of you know my graphic record about my “Inspiration Day” – my birthday “party” when I turned 26. That was my gift to myself and all the amazing ladies I invited – I even had to fly in one lady from the UK. It was a blast and I’m still so grateful. You will not believe it maybe, but it was life-changing for me.

Is it even possible to top my last birthday? Do I even need to top it? No, if I don’t want to, I don’t need to. How do I want to spend my birthday then? With things I love…

– be creative with ceramics
– support people to reach their goals and/or habits
– challenges

… that leads to my lea-birthday-formula:

9 people * 3 monthly challenges = 27 ceramic triggers

(and yes, as an engineer I love as well maths and physics)

What does it mean?

Do you have 3 monthly challenges that you want to tackle this year? Reaching a goal or creating a new habit?

In today’s busy world we easily tend to forget our own goals or habits – even when they are written on paper. That’s why I create individual and small sized ceramic triggers, that you can put in your pocket, place on your desk or even in the fridge. The constantly remind you :).

Like this reminder to switch off – when you feel overwhelmed or before you go to bed.




Or a playful reminder to invest time in a foreign language. The “buttons” have different numbers on one side, so the one you pull out is the amount of minutes you have to invest that day. Cool, right?




  As a self-employed you work a lot of hours… and it’s easy to forget to go outside and catch some fresh air. Do you take the challenge to go out every workday for at least 20 minutes?




Other ingredients

– You, with 3 challenges
– 30 min skype-call (preferably on the 7. feb) where we talk about your goals/habits you’d like to create
– my ceramic talent :) and *oh dear* my 20+ years of experience… haha – am I old or did I start that early? The latter ;-)
– material, 1st firing, glazing, 2nd firing for free :)
– only shipping costs are at your expense – about 15$ > little packet from Switzerland to your country.

Are you in?

Write a mail at  hello [at] LEAsHeartART.com including:

– Name:
– Why you want to be one of those lucky 9 receiving their unique and fun ceramic triggers:
– Is it possible to skype on the 7. feb? yes/not yet sure/probably not, but I have other options…


Now – 4. feb (latest 6.feb) : Write a mail :)

4. feb evening: I’ll send the link for my agenda…

5-6. feb: …and you choose the time to skype

7. feb: Celebrating Birthday :), skyping, listening and creating your ceramic triggers

March: You receive your ceramic triggers :D

Through the year: You tackle your monthly challenges with the support of your ceramic triggers

Are you excited as well? Yay – I can’t wait to get to know about your challenges :D!


Lea Unterschrift


4 thoughts on “*Coming Up* My Birthday – Saturday!

  1. Wow I feel like I need time to let this sit! THIS IS AWESOME! It’s like getting a tattoo but ceramics I can I place in my office. <3

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