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Birthday Celebration - Yay!

How to celebrate your birthday unconventionally


The wonderful e-Course “Blogging from the heart” by talented Susannah Conway just kicked off and I’m already figuring out my “voice” of blogging. 10 blogposts in about 8 months isn’t *that* much. Well I just prefer quality than quantity.

Thinking about my style of blogging I came up with the idea, that maybe I’m just not a writer? Maybe I’m a drawer ?! So in a new style :) enjoy my graphic record…

Here is my way of celebrating my birthday unconventionally :)

What do you think? Celebrating like this is sooo much fun, right?

And wow – have a look at those amazing hearts! Each and everyone is so unique :)

Ceramic Hearts


 How about you? What are you planning for your next birthday celebration? Any recommendations?


Lea Unterschrift

PS: What’s actually your style of blogging?


5 thoughts on “How to celebrate your birthday unconventionally

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  2. So cute! :-) Definitely more videos! :-) LOVE’em! <3

  3. Wow those hearts are indeed amazing !!! Such a nice way to celebrate one’s birthday !!!

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