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Do you feel ALIVE?


Yes – do you feel alive? When, how, why? When did you feel alive the last time? What does alive mean to you?

Is it a bungee-jump? A dance in the rain? Reading an outstanding book?

Here’s what I think :)

You find the lovely Jana Schuberth here LoveWorkNow

and my hippos :)

Here is my sketch from the video


If you miss feeling alive, join us!
If you already feel alive and you want MORE, join us!

ALIVE in Berlin
30./31. May 2014 – Berlin (Germany)

I’m soooo looking forward meeting you there :D


Lea Unterschrift


5 thoughts on “Do you feel ALIVE?

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  3. Lea! U r so lucky having Jana :D i saw her blog and i can see she is so inspiring and a very good motivator :D u r going to join ALIVE, right? Cant wait to hear what u get on ALIVE :D

    Hugs for you and your cute hippo xoxo
    Yenny Lee

    • Hi Yenny. Indeed, Jana is such an amazing “kick-butt” Lady! I feel so honoured and proud to be a guest contributor :). Stay stuned – there will be soon an interview about me on AliveinBerlin
      Have a creative day with your wonderful dress creations :)

      • As i thought my repky not delivered lol btw congartulations for the interview!! U r awesome!! :D dont forget to post the interview later on ya..cant wait…

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