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Half-Marathon Strategy

How I completed my first half marathon – even I wasn’t trained

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Have you ever thought about running a half marathon? Do you need some strategies how a beginner achieved it even she wasn’t trained?

In a weak moment I signed up for my first half marathon –  just one month before the event! *whoop*

Here is my strategy for beginners:

My posters in detail…

My Story

My Story

My Goal and Motivation

My goal and motivation

My Strategy

My Strategy

Did you create your power move yet? I use it in my daily life too. How’s about you? :)

Did you already completed a run? What was your strategy and experiences? If not, are you curious?

Here is the Checklist Success Strategy as a PDF I created especially for you guys :) go for it!!!

Checklist Success Strategy

Checklist Success Strategy


Lea Unterschrift

PS: It’s all about participation ;-)


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